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Miami Beach Kicks Off Plastic Free Initiative In Hopes Of Helping Environment

MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – The world is drowning in plastic. Oceans are full of it and wildlife is being severely impacted.

The unsightly plastic litter does not degrade.

Thursday night Miami Beach kicked off their Plastic Free Miami Beach initiative.

The committee was gathered with the intention of reducing single use plastics, like straws, in Miami Beach.

"We are trying to get single use plastics out of our city," said Elizabeth Wheaton with the City of Miami Beach.

Paper straws, or no straws at all, is one solution to the plastic straws.

Plenty of paper products were on display, like paper-based non-plastic or non-styrofoam carryout containers.

The beach has banned certain products, but the meeting was more about getting business on board with the initiative.

"The only thing we've received was positive feedback and excitement and engagement from the community," said restaurant operator Kristen Hartburg.

The mayor of the beach city knows it's a place where the environment is taken seriously.

"We want our city to be known as a city that values the environment, not just talk the talk but walk the walk," said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber.

The growing trend has local businesses involved, and there is also a heavy corporate punch behind the movement.

One major supporter is Bacardi.

"We have made a commitment to eliminate one billion straws worldwide from our operation," said Ned Duggan with Bacardi. "We are encouraging people to sip without straws and the mantra we are trying to use is "the future doesn't suck."

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