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Miami Beach Murder Suspect Claims Involvement In Six Additional Slayings

MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – The man arrested for the gruesome murder of an elderly man in Miami Beach is making some startling statements to police.

Miami Beach Police say Nicholas Gibson confessed to the grisly murder of a 77-year-old man, Erik Stocker, at the Tribeca apartments on Miami Beach.

In a statement released late Wednesday police said, "(Gibson) admitted to his involvement in the murder of Mr. Stocker. We also recovered physical evidence to support the murder charges that will be filed against him."

And there's another surprising development. Police said Gibson fessed up to other killings.

"Mr. Gibson also made additional statement about his involvement in six other murders doing earlier times in his life," the statement read. "He said these occurred in Florida, Georgia and California."

Miami Beach police say they are looking into this information and cannot confirm it at this time.

They are reaching out to law enforcement in the states where Gibson said he was involved in other murders but they said it will be a lengthy process to try and verify his claims.

Police say Stocker was discovered in the Miami Beach apartment at least 10 days after he was murdered.

Neighbors told us that a samurai sword might have been involved and there might have been writing on a wall in blood.

Investigators say they tracked Gibson to New York where he was arrested over the weekend. That's where Miami Beach Police interviewed him.

After identifying Gibson as a suspect, police arrested him in New York City on Sunday with the help of US Marshals and NYPD.

Police say they are working to extradite Gibson back to Miami to face criminal charges.

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