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Miami attorney Adam Bair charged with rape of woman

Miami attorney Adam Bair charged with rape of woman
Miami attorney Adam Bair charged with rape of woman 02:30

MIAMI - Police say Miami attorney Adam Bair is charged with rape after authorities said he attacked a woman inside his own home.  

According to a police report, a 24-year-old woman went to his apartment thinking she was going to be talking with him about a case but police say that's not what happened.

Bair, who's been an attorney for more than 10 years, says he prides himself in helping the voiceless find a voice.

"I represent sexual abuse survivors.  I have made it my mission in life to reform the system," says Bair.

But Thursday in court, he was trying to defend himself.

"You can imagine my absolute shock when I was visited yesterday by detectives and read the a-form which are blatant lies," explains Bair.

According to a police report, the victim went to Bair's apartment thinking she was going to see a court case video but when she got there, she says Bair began to kiss and touch her.  

She pushed him away several times but according to the report, Bair pushed her on his bed and said, "Now, I'm the dominant one." Police say that's when Bair raped the woman and held her in his room against her will.  

Serious charges led to drama in the courtroom. Bair's attorney said, "This was in fact a consensual encounter."  But the victim's attorney pushed back saying, "I don't think the defendant understood that no meant no.  He thought she wanted it anyways."

Minutes later, Bair plead his innocence to the judge.

"I'm letting the state attorney know right now there is evidence on the victim - the alleged victim's - phone.  If they read that evidence, they will see in two minutes oh this is clearly not true," he says.

He asked her to make an exception on a mug shot, fearing it will stay online forever whether he's found innocent or guilty. A request she denied.

"There's no reason you should be treated like any other person. God, forbid I got arrested, I'd have a mug shot," she said.

Bair is facing sexual battery and false imprisonment charges, his bond was set at $12,500. 

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