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Miami Airport Tri-Rail Station Closes For 2 Years

MIAMI (CBS4) – Tri-Rail riders who take the train to the Miami Airport Station had better be prepared to add a little extra time to their commute. 

Tri-Rail's Miami Airport Station closed temporaily on September 12th to facilitate construction of the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC).

The station is expected to be closed for about two years. During those two years, it'll be rebuilt and connected to the airport via an escalator and people mover.

While the Miami Airport Station is closed, the southern- most point of rail service will be the Hialeah Market Station, where bus transportation will be provided to and from the Miami International Airport.

Trailers have been installed to house a ticket agent and restroom facilities. Additional lighting has been installed and approximately 60 additional parking spaces have been added. There will be 24-hour security at the station.

Two northbound trains, P638 and P642, will originate from the Metrorail Transfer Station. Two southbound trains, P631 and P635 will terminate at the Metrorail Transfer Station. Passengers will be bused to and from the Hialeah Market Station and the Miami International Airport for these trains.

By closing the Miami Airport Station, the construction time of the MIC will be reduced by approximately 21 months and will result in taxpayers saving approximately $10 million in construction costs, according to Tri-Rail officials.

The impact to passengers should be less than 10 minutes in extended travel time to the airport.

For additional information, log onto or call 1-800-TRI-RAIL (874-7245.)

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