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Maude The Elephant Dies At Zoo Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Zoo Miami is mourning the loss of Maude, an Asian elephant. She died Wednesday at age 41.

Maude was being treated for what is suspected to be a severe digestive impaction that prevented any bowel movements and an almost total loss of appetite for the last several days.

The veterinary team had been working around the clock with the elephant keeper staff to treat Maude since she began to show symptoms of the impaction last week.

A variety of treatments ranging from wheat bran to IV fluids as well as several medications were utilized following the recommendations from some of the top veterinary specialists in the country. It was during one of those treatments Friday morning that Maude suddenly collapsed and died.

Maude arrived at Zoo Miami from the Central Florida Zoo on February 22, 2011 as part of a Species Survival Plan (SSP) recommendation. She joined the zoo's 50-year old male named "Dalip" and a 45-year old female named "Nellie." According to Zoo Miami spokesman Ron Magill, she quickly bonded with Nellie and the two were often seen interacting with each other on the exhibit that they shared.

Though the symptoms point towards a severe impaction as the cause of Maude's death, a thorough necropsy will be performed to try to determine what other factors may be involved. The results of that necropsy may not be available for several weeks.


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