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Memorial Mass Held To Remember Members Of Family Who Were Murdered In Miramar 25 Years Ago

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A memorial mass was held Saturday afternoon at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church in Miramar for members of a South Florida family who were murdered 25 years ago.

The mass was followed by a walk and a candlelight vigil.

Alberthe Mardy and her sister Carline Laverne still mourn the three generations of family that was murdered 25 years ago, in what's known as Miramar's most heinous murder.

"We are the family," said Carline Laverne. "We are extremely thirsty for justice, 25 years is too long. We want closure," she said.

Detectives say the victims were viciously beaten.

Marie Altidor and her mom Theresa Laverne were shot and Marie's two young daughters, Sabrina just 6-weeks-old and 2-year-old Samatha were bludgeoned to death, with what police believe may have been a hammer.

"It's a scar, like every day you got a needle in it and you just digging it, it won't heal. Maybe that can ease a little bit if we know who did this and why," Mardy said.

Police believe the crime scene was staged to look like a drug killing, but detectives don't buy it. They say it was personal and it was rage.

"Why a 6-weeks-old baby got killed in a condition like that. Why?" Laverne asked.

Police tell us Marie's husband has never been ruled out.

He's since moved out of state and investigators say he's not speaking to them.

His attorney Rick Diaz released a statement saying in part, "..Miramar PD had a fair opportunity to interview Mr. Altidor 25 years ago..." He continued, "...he, like all suspects, is presumed innocent and there is no probable cause that he committed any crime or he would have been charged by now."

"We are here today to speak on behalf of my cousin," said Dr. Marie Flourent-Carre. She and the family are hoping the case will advance soon to the state attorney's office.

"We are respectfully and humbly praying, making a plea to the state to take a closer look at this case," Dr. Flourent-Carre said.

The Broward State Attorney's office released a statement saying, "This is a continuing investigation by Miramar Police Department and it would not be appropriate for our agency to comment. We have scheduled a meeting with the victims' family members to discuss the matter privately."

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