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Mascara Compound Blamed In Cosmetics Company Fire

 DEERFIELD BEACH - (CBS4) - One South Florida cosmetics company got burned by smoking lashes, literally. 

Eight employees and one firefighter were hospitalized after Deerfield Beach Fire Rescuers were called to put out a fire at a cosmetics company Friday morning in the 1400 block of West Newport Center Drive. 

Officials say a 55-gallon drum lab caught fire at Oxygen Development LLC. The employees were grinding a compound possibly to make mascara when the drum caught fire, said fire chief John Quitoni. 

About 200 employees from the cosmetics company and hazardous material units were called out to evaluate the level of toxicity to determine the exposure to employees. 

Red Cross workers provided meals and water for employees who were waiting outside as hazardous materials teams evaluated the compound. 

Those hospitalized complained of nausea and headaches.

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