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Martin County Teacher Fired For Posing Nude

STUART (CBSMiami) - A South Florida teacher is out of a job after posing for some sexy internet pictures and now even more revealing pictures of her have surfaced.

Olivia Sprauer said when the principal at Martin County High School found her photos in skimpy swimsuits and lingerie he asked her to resign immediately.

"I'm sad because I miss my students," Sprauer told CBS affiliate WPEC. "I knew it was either a matter of time. I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier actually. I started modeling mid-February."

Sprauer, who posed under the name Victoria James, called the photos swimsuit pictures tasteful. The divorced mother of two said she posed to help pay the bills.

"It was a way for me to make ends meet without doing anything I believe to be unethical," Sprauer said.

Sprauer told CBS 4 News on Wednesday night that after she resigned more revealing photos of her were released. She says those photos might have been grounds for dismissal but not the bikini pictures.

"If I was doing pornography, or I was a webcam girl, or I was taking explicit erotic photographs, yes I think I should be terminated immediately," Sprauer said.

The Martin County School District said they can't comment on personnel matters but they confirmed that Sprauer did resign her job last week. They also said the school district does not have any policies on employees moonlighting or modeling.

Sprauer said she does not believe the pictures in any way affected her ability to be an effective teacher.

"My students have seen me at the beach in bathing suits," she said. "I still teach them effectively. I've never had a problem with a student."

Sprauer says she can make more in a weekend modeling then in two weeks as an English teacher. She says she planned to resign at the end of the school year to pursue modeling full time and focus on finishing her Master's Degree in English.

"Everybody has to do what they have to do to make themselves happy," Sprauer said. "Everybody has a choice. I don't live for the Martin County School Board, I live for me."

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