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Marlins' Morrison Makes Special Visit To Miami Children's Hospital

MIAMI (CBS4) - Baseball fans or not, Miami Marlins leftfielder Logan Morrison has a knack for putting smiles on children's faces.

He proved that Thursday by taking a trip to Miami Children's Hospital for a tour, and casual conversation with the patients

"You like baseball at all? Yeah, me either. You want me to sign this? Said Morrison to a patient.

For a moment, the kids being treated at the hospital weren't thinking about their illness.

"There's a lot of happy kids, i mean, everybody looks happy, everybody's in a good mood. Everybody having a good time," said patient Carlos Quesada

Morrison said that was the main goal of the trip. While there, he handed out autographed jerseys.

"I don't care if we are in last place or first place right now, it doesn't matter to me. This is what it's all about, and you know," said Morrison." I'm glad that I can make an impact on these kid's lives, whether it's good or bad."

Morrison has prided himself on being on the forefront when it comes to children's causes, and later this weekend he will take his devotion to a whole new level

I'm gonna be having my head on Saturday too, so I'm gonna be looking like you man," Morrison told a patient, who had lost his hair due to treatments.

The shearing is all part of the Bald, Brave and Beautiful Project to support pediatric cancer patients at the Miami Children's Hospital.

Morrison said the experience will stick with him as he takes the field night after night.

"It puts a lot of things in perspective, that's for sure. Knowing that I'm out playing a game for a living, and these kids want to meet me," said Morrison. "They want to hang out with me. But it's more like, I want to hang out with them."

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