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Margate Woman Fights Back Against Alleged Attacker

MARGATE (CBSMiami) - When a young guy tried to snatch Gina Coppiano's Coach bag, he didn't realize who he was up against.

Michael Gallo, 25, is accused of trying to steal 64-year-old Coppiano's purse after she pulled into a Walgreens in Margate.

"He came to grab it from here and I did this," said Coppiano, demonstrating how she pulled her bag close. "And Boom! Like that," she said, showing off how she punched him with a right jab.

Coppiano learned at that moment, she can really pack a punch.

"Look. My knuckles are red from it because I really hit him with my fist," she said. "He probably saw me getting off the car and thought, 'this is a little old lady, I'm going to take her purse and do whatever I want,' but he wasn't expecting I was going to give him such a good punch in the face," she said.

Even the judge took notice of the age difference between the victim and her alleged attacker.

"She was able to punch you," said Judge John Hurley. "A 64-year-old woman was able to punch you! You're 25 and allegedly you backed off."

But the attack did not end there. Gallo's accused of walking around with his pants open, covered up by a jacket around his waist.

"When he had a jacket around his waist, when I punch him and I started running back to Walgreens, he pull up jacket and started showing me, you know, whatever he had underneath there," Coppiano recalled.

"You flashed your genitals to her," noted Judge Hurley "and gave her two middle fingers."

Aside from allegations of lewdness and robbery, we also learned in court that Gallo hasn't earned a living on his own in years.

"When was the last time you were employed," asked Judge Hurley. "About four to five years ago," responded Gallo. "How do you support yourself? Do you have any money coming in?" the judge asked. "No sir, I got a girlfriend," said Gallo.

Gallo is charged with attempted robbery and lewd or lascivious offense on an elderly person. His bond is set for $15,000. The court also noted he has a long criminal history including aggravated assault and battery, as well as grand theft.

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