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South Florida Man Nearly Electrocuted Trying To Reach Bird's Nest Off Power Line

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A man is being treated at JMH's burn unit after being electrocuted trying to reach a parrot's nest.

It happened off Turtle Creek Drive, in an easement north of the Walmart supercenter early Thursday.

According to Coral Springs Fire Rescue, the man was using a landscaping tool when he hit a 400,000-volt high tension power line.

"He suffered second and third-degree burns on half his body," said deputy fire chief Mike Moser.

It's not clear why the man was trying to reach the birds.

Quaker parrots are widespread in South Florida, "Quaker parrots were brought here with the pet trade, they are from Argentina," said Julie D'Errico, an outreach volunteer coordinator with the South Florida Wildlife Center.

Man Nearly Electrocuted
Man nearly electrocuted trying to move a birds nest of a power line was airlifted to JMH on May 27, 2021. (CBS4)

"They are popular pets, social birds," she says unfortunately the parrots and other birds are sometimes sought for profit, she explained. "Once people who find these birds in demand, they keep them in cages and unfortunately, they never know freedom."

She says the injured man will have a long road to recovery and while it is rare to be electrocuted, it is a grim reminder of getting too close to a power line.

"It doesn't take much to hurt or kill you," said Moser.

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