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Man Dead In Pompano Beach Deputy-Involved Shooting

POMPANO BEACH (CBS4) – Broward Sheriff's Office Deputies say they were forced to fire on a man making threats in an apartment building Monday night.

BSO Spokesperson Jim Leljedal said deputies responded to a disturbance call around 6:20 p.m. at the apartment complex at811 SE 22nd Street. There they saw a man on the second floor armed with a handgun pointing the weapon at  another person.

"Any time someone has a weapon and they're brandishing it or pointing it in anyone's direction it's a life and death situation," said Leljedal.

Deputies ordered the man to drop the weapon, but instead, they say the man fired a shot.  It did not hit anyone. After the shot was fired, deputies again ordered the man to put down the weapon. The man held on to gun and entered the stairwell to descend to the first floor.

"He pointed the gun at a person.  I don't know whether  any of our deputies were in the line of fire at that point or not , but the deputy ordered him to drop the gun and he did not drop the gun he continued to advance and at that point he was shot and killed," explained  Leljedal.

"I heard a shot, then boom boom boom," said Barbara Hoffman who lives nearby.  She says the incident left her "shaken."

A BSO deputy shot the suspect. He was pronounced dead at the scene by BSO Fire Rescue.  The Sheriff's Office did not specify how many times the suspect was shot.

As standard procedure, the deputy who fired the shot has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

The Sheriff's Office has not identified the man who was killed or his relationship to the person he was allegedly threatening.

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