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Man Accused Of Shoplifting, Trying To Run Police Over Out On Bond

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Accused shoplifter turned accused attempted cop killer Jimmy Daniel chose to don makeshift head wear in his mission to keep his identity concealed as he walked out of lockup. He wrapped his sweatshirt around his head, and bolted into a car, ignoring reporter questions.

According to Aventura police, he bumped one officer with his car, and also tried to run over another.

It all went down Tuesday morning in an Aventura Target parking lot, after police say Daniel stuffed several video games in his pants in the electronics section of the store.

A loss prevention manager called police when he saw Daniel in the store, saying he recognized him from two previous thefts. One on January 20th and one on January 17th.

Police responded to the parking lot, and say Daniel rushed into his car, desperate to escape.

"He was given verbal commands to get out of his car, at which point he attempted to run over two of our officers," said Captain Michael Bentolila.

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Officers responded with gunshots in the busy parking lot. Felipe Salazar heard them.

"Just bullets, like firecracker and I saw people running."

A woman who declined to give her name told CBS4 News she ducked for cover.

"I just laid down near a car when I heard the shots because I knew it was dangerous."

The shell casings on the scene indicating as many as two dozen shots may have been fired. Police say the use of force was justified, because a car may be used as a weapon.

Police say Daniel got away but not before they saw the license plate on his car.

Through detective work they say they tracked him down and booked him.

Investigators say Daniel confessed to not only this theft, but to committing other thefts at Target stores.

We also found he was arrested twice for shoplifting in Georgia. He didn't want to speak about any of it as he walked away from jail, out on bond.

Daniel is charged with grand theft, as well as multiple felonies related to allegedly attempting to run over those officers. Aventura police say he may also be in more trouble, if Target chooses to press charges for the previous thefts.


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