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Local Miami Band Teaches Dade County Students The Power Of Music

NORTH MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Music has the power to inspire society, to motivate people and to change lives, and thanks to GOGO it is taking kids off the streets.

GOGO, or the Guitars Over Guns Organization, brings together students and local musicians, like the South Florida band Suenalo, in hopes of transforming their lives.

In collaboration with Communities in Schools of Miami, members of Suenalo get together with students at North Miami Middle School every Wednesday after school and teach them how to play the guitar.

For eighth grader Brian Thoby, GOGO has allowed him to use music to express himself.

"I can play peaceful song and all my emotions drain out of me," Thoby said.

Suenalo band member Chad Bernstein lives up to the meaning of the band's name which translates to "dream it."

Bernstein volunteers with GOGO and teaches kids the power of music.

"[It's] something that motivates them to have something of their own and have an entity through this program through playing music," Bernstein said.

In a society where kids around Thoby's age face the highest risk of joining gangs, GOGO provides kids with the chance of doing something else with their time.

"Instead of going out on the street robbing a store you play an instrument and you feel good with it," Thoby said.

In the midst of budget cuts, the Dade County School Board has removed many arts programs from the school system. Programs like GOGO and students like Thoby emphasize the importance and the impact of the arts on the community.

GOGO continues to inspire students at North Miami Middle. The organization's goal is to grow and even possibly spread across the country and influence even more kids.

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