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Lights In Homestead Sky? Not UFOs, Just The Army

HOMESTEAD (CBSMiami) - They dripped from the sky over Homestead Air Reserve Base at twilight, tiny lights falling to the ground in formation. They looked strange enough to prompt some callers to CBS4 asking about UFOs, but apparently the lights had nothing to do with little green men.

The lights were clearly visible from Florida's Turnpike Extension and other points around Homestead. At least one enterprising photographer captured them with his cellphone, which showed the lights high up in the sky, and slowly dropping in formation until they could no longer be seen.

So were they spaceships? A scouting force? Some tip-secret military craft being tested at the Reserve Base?

According to the Air Force, they were parachutists taking part in a training exercise.

The lights belonged to members of the Army's Golden Knights parachutist team, which is often seen at air shows and other events. The parachutists call Homestead their winter home, and their website details the missions, as many as 10 a day, that are run from the reserve base.

A spokesperson for the base said the team often trains here, and night jumps are one element of that training. Team members set flares to their boots, which are ignited as they leave their aircraft.

The results can be striking on a clear night, as lots of people found in the Homestead area.

The winter training is nearing completion, and the jumpers, who are divided into gold and black teams, are scheduled to perform in New Smyrna Beach March 24th.

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