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Leewood K-8 Student Accused Of Sending 'Written Threats To Kill' To Minority, LGBT Students

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A 13-year-old boy in Southwest Miami-Dade is facing serious charges after he allegedly sent a threatening message to other students in a group chat.

The eighth-grader, who attends Leewood K-8, was arrested Thursday at the school, located in Southwest 124th Street and 104th Avenue.

The student is accused of threatening to shoot up minority students and members of the LGBT community, according to the arrest report.

Police said he faces a felony charge of written threats to kill.

This was part of the message he posted on the group chat, according to the arrest report:

"Wanna hear what is oppressed? My Shotgun ammo because I am wasting it on minorities like you. Do you think I won't hesitate to shoot you?... I am tracking your location."

"I have military training so I can kill you real quick."

The boy told detectives he copied and pasted the messages but did not state from where. He also asked investigators if he was going back to the hospital.

The teen was subsequently transported to a Juvenile Assessment Center.

The school system has told parents the threats were not credible.

"I am surprised. I am saddened," said Martha Bernal, the student's grandmother.

Both grandparents and parents of students at the school say they are concerned a boy is accused of threatening to kill minorities.

"It's disturbing to me. This is an excellent school. The teachers are the best," said Howard Dobson, whose grandchild attends Leewood. "I think that's disturbing but I think the school's going to handle it. Leewood's a great school."

Which is why most are not alarmed.

"It's definitely scary but I do have faith in the school," said Alyse Lancaster, who has a child at the school.

After the arrest, parents received this robocall from the principal.

"Threats of any kinds will be taken seriously..."

"Miami-Dade public schools does not condone behavior that disrupts the peace of mind of safe educational environments that we worked so hard to ensure."

A schools spokeswoman said, "Written and verbal threats of any kind will be handled swiftly and may result in severe consequences."

"I think it's been taken out of proportion. I have been a parent here for some time and this is an excellent school," said parent Annie Delgado.

"First of all, it's not credible at all. He's a good kid. Maybe he was playing around or joking around," said the suspect's grandfather. "He's been framed. Someone used his phone."

"How could he hate minorities. He's a minority himself."

When asked if he had a gun in the house, the grandfather said, "No, they don't have guns."

The teen appeared in court last Friday and will have another hearing on October 3rd.

The school system urges all parents to speak with their children about the proper use of social media.

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