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Severely Injured Dog Found Wandering South Florida Streets In Need Of Healing, Loving Fur-Ever Home

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Kratos, likely used as bait to lure others for dogfighting, was found wandering South Florida streets while severely injured. Now, thanks to the help of animal rescue organizations, he will need a bit of healing and a loving family.

Kratos came in about a week ago with a variety of scabs and wounds on his face, the vet is calling it extreme neglect.

Although they can't confirm, she says his injuries look like he was a bait dog.

A good Samaritan called Miami-Dade County Animal Services when they found Kratos wandering and severely hurt.

KRATOS the rescue pup
(Courtesy: Judy Miro and All Things Pawsible Animal Rescue)

The concern, the dog was used to lure others into dogfighting.

"He probably sat on those wounds for a while because when we got him those wounds weren't fresh. They were already infected and had been there for a while," said Natalia Andrade, DVM, DAVCS-SA a vet surgeon at Miami Veterinary specialists.

All Things Pawisble Animal Rescue pulled him from animal services and took him to Miami Veterinary Specialists, the rescue says unfortunately this neglect and possible abuse is an ongoing issue in the community.

"You can see that there's bite wounds on literally every limb possible...that are healing well but the majority are from the neck up," said Dr. Andrade.

Which Dr. Andrade said is common with bait dogs.

"When the dogs get them they're usually on their back and they get their face and they get their face and they get their legs and that's pretty much where his injuries are," said Dr. Andrade.

KRATOS the rescue pup
(Courtesy: Judy Miro and All Things Pawsible Animal Rescue)

She says despite all of the trauma, neglect and likely abuse Kratos went through she's expecting a full recovery.

With animals in this condition, Dr. Andrade says, they're usually timid and afraid. But, she says, he's one of the best dogs, temperament-wise, she's ever seen.

"He is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. Imagine you having this. Painful. He allows me to do all his treatments, bandages, and wound dressings, awake and he just looks at me, he doesn't bite, never growls. I don't know how he's not afraid of us because I don't think humans have been very good to him," said Dr. Andrade.

The total cost for his vet bills starts at about $10,000.

The rescue, All Things Pawsible, is paying for it through donations.

He has one more surgery and about 3 weeks of recovery left at the animal hospital.

He will then be in foster care for a few months until he is heartworm negative, the hope after that is to find a loving home for him to get adopted into.

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