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Kraft recalls faulty American cheese singles that might make you gag

Kraft Heinz recalls 80,000 cases of individually wrapped American cheese
Kraft Heinz recalls 80,000 cases of individually wrapped American cheese 00:37

Kraft Heinz has recalled about 83,000 cases of its individually wrapped Kraft Singles American cheese because they might pose a choking hazard.

The company said in a statement that a "temporary issue" with one of its wrapping machines means a "thin strip of the individual film may remain on the slice after the wrapper has been removed." If that isn't removed, it could be "unpleasant and potentially cause a gagging or choking hazard."

Kraft said that it issued a recall after "several" customer complaints of finding the piece of plastic on its cheese, including six complaints from eaters that choked or gagged on it. No injuries or health issues have been reported and the faulty machine has since been fixed.

The issue affects two types of packing, including 16-ounce "Kraft Singles American Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product" with a "Best When Used By" date between January 10, 2024, and January 27, 2024. Individual packages in this recall contain an "S" and "72" in the manufacturing code on the packaging.

Also affected are the 3-pound multipacks of "Kraft Singles American Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product" with a UPC code of 0-2100060491-3 and a "Best When Used By" of January 9, 2024 and January 16, 2024.

"Kraft Heinz is committed to upholding the highest safety and quality standards and apologizes for this inconvenience," the company said.

Those who have the recalled cheese shouldn't eat it and return them to the point of purchase of a refund or exchange. They can also call Kraft Heinz at 1-800-280-8252 to get their money back.

Earlier this year, Kraft announced that it was changing the packaging on its individually wrapped cheese to make them easier to open.

The goal of the revamp is to address the No. 1 complaint from customers, which has been the "inability to easily open the clear wrapper," Kraft said. The redesigned flap on each slice adds more texture and makes it easier to find, and it's also thicker and sturdier so it can be opened without tearing.

The packaging also received a revamp with a slightly redesigned logo and an emphasis that the cheese doesn't have artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

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