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Keys Man Calls Cops On Neighbors, Ends Up Arrested For Pot

MARATHON (CBSMiami) – A Marathon man practically puts himself behind bars after he called the police on his neighbors but ended up leading a deputy to a stash of marijuana in his own home.

On Saturday residents of Keys RV Park noticed a lot of cars coming and going to 77-year-old Michael Csernik's home, said Monroe County Deputy Anthony O'Dea.

O'Dea said he received a phone call from one of the neighbors who said that they believed that Csernik was selling drugs.

O'Dea went out to the RV park to check out the tip but no one answered the door at Csernik's residence.

About an hour later, Csernik called the sheriff's office himself and spoke with O'Dea to complain about his neighbors taking pictures of the cars coming and going from his home.

When Csernik was asked about the many cars stopping at his residence, Csernik reportedly told the deputy he has a lot of friends.

O'Dea then went to Csernik's residence and asked for permission to search his home.  The sheriff's office said Csernik signed a "Consent to Search" form along with his 51-year-old son.

Inside the home, the deputy reportedly found three zip lock bags of marijuana in the living room.

When O'Dea went into the bedroom, he allegedly found seven more stashed bags of marijuana and a scale used to weigh the drugs. In total, O'Dea found 110 grams of marijuana in the home.

In Csernik's front pocket, O'Dea reportedly found $1,363.00 in cash which the sheriff's office suspects came from drug sales.

Csernik reportedly confessed to the deputy that the drugs were his and his son wasn't involved.

Csernik was arrested and charged with having marijuana with intent to sell, having a felony amount of marijuana (over 20 grams) and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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