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'It's Such A Big Deal': Entertainment Tonight's Keltie Knight On Covering Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

(CBS Local)-- Turkey Day is almost here and Entertainment Tonight has you covered for the 2019 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

ET hosts Kevin Frazier and Keltie Knight will be in New York all morning long on Thursday.

Knight, who grew up in Canada, is handling the hosting duties at the parade for the fifth time. She is excited for the balloons, people, and the laughs that come up throughout the day with Frazier.

"We are the funniest, most ridiculous two people on the planet," said Knight in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "The show never stops and we just have this amazing chemistry and a friendship that is so deep. When we have these events together, we have such a good time. We're excited to see Miranda Lambert this year, who is our special guest at the parade."

Knight says that everyone needs to keep their eye on the wind in New York. The wind causes major issues for the big balloons during the parade and this could potentially be the first year since 1971 that the balloons don't fly. Regardless of the weather, Knight loves covering the event because of the memories it has created for her and her family.

"I grew up in rural Canada without fancy Hollywood parents and somehow made my way into this job," said Knight. "When I look out and see the parents lining these streets, the big balloons and celebrities are fabulous, but then you see these amazing marching bands from schools all over the nation. You know the hard work that went into those kids fundraising to be here and rehearsing like crazy. It's such a big deal. You see the pride in these kids' faces and that really warms my heart. I always have special guests. I had my family from Canada last year and family from London the year before."

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