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Unifying America: Kailey's Queens Empowers Girls Through Online Community Of Support

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - It may look like just another Zoom meeting with the standard gallery following along as one person speaks, but upon closer look, it is really something special they can all take part in and it's thanks to Kaily Breyer.

"Who is on Gallery View right now," she asked with enthusiasm while watching several young girls dance in their kitchens.

They are all Kailey's Queens.

It's a weekly get together that started face to face but quickly evolved into a worldwide online get-together.

"When COVID happened, we opened up to across the world and started doing events everywhere," said Breyer.

What was a small gathering has evolved into a worldwide event that keeps attracting more participants. Nine to fifteen-year-old girls can enroll and for just under thirty dollars take part in a small class.

But more importantly, "From all around the world they come together online and empower each other, to build confidence and make friends all across the world, while baking from scratch," said Breyer

Two of the girls in one of the classes are from Sunny Isles Beach. Scarlett and Sabrina Cardone have been with Kailey's Queens for a while now.

Kailey's Queens 2
Scarlett and Sabrina Cardone from Sunny Isles Beach have been with Kailey's Queens for a while now. (CBS4)

"Everyone is talking most of the time, it's really fun and welcoming. I think it really builds confidence," they said.

Initially, the focus is on gathering the ingredients and baking together. It's when all the girls put what they made in the oven together that the real fun begins.

"That's when we really get to connect with each other. The girls make friendships, we do empowering games, we do a life lesson," said Breyer

For Sabrina and Scarlett, it's a chance to talk to girls across the globe.

"The girls are all over the world. They're really nice and really amazing," they said.

For Bryer that was the goal. Bring kids together without the pressures of social media where they could just have fun. While at the same time working together and coming together, leaving with new friendships.

"It opens their eyes to so many countries and so much diversity in the world. It also gives them a place where they can be themselves, laugh, make jokes, and be accepted as who they are," she said.

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