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Jurors Get Inside Look Of Murder Scene Where Cop Was Found Wrapped In Comforter

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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Jurors are getting an inside look at the murder scene where a Miami Police officer was found dead.

Carl Patrick's girlfriend, Tiniko Thompson, is accused of shooting him, then allowing him to bleed to death.

Officers were called to the home two days after Patrick was shot. They quickly realized something was wrong.

"When we made entry, I remember the body was found wrapped in a comforter between the wall and the bed," Pembroke Pines Police Sgt. Keith Foreth recalled in court.

Thompson claims she shot Patrick in self-defense. She said he was beating her – possibly after learning she had faked a pregnancy for more than a year.

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But hours after the shooting, she was caught on video at a storage facility. The clerk said he saw no bruises.

"Did you notice any injuries on her face when you're face-to-face with her?" the clerk, Christopher Mendez, was asked in court.

"No ma'am," he replied.

Two days later, Thompson showed up at her mom's home in Opa-locka.

Police took pictures showing marks on her body, but they could not explain how she got them.

"What on her person did you observe, that you recognized, to be bruise or cut or injury?" Judge Geoffrey Cohen asked a BSO detective.

"OK, the initial injury I saw was the abrasion to the chin that appeared to be in a scabbing phase of healing," the detective replied. "I saw a bruise on her right inner bicep."

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"I'm one of those nosy neighbor's that watch everything come around."

Sabrin Aiken said Thompson had blood on her shirt when showed up at her mom's house.

The defense attorney questioned how she knew it was blood.

DEFENSE ATTORNEY: "Did you see spots? Did you see splashes? What did you see?"

AIKEN: "I saw blood," she responded.

DEFENSE ATTORNEY: "Describe what you saw."

AIKEN: "I saw blood on the shirt."

DEFENSE ATTORNEY:  "What does blood look like on the shirt?"

AIKEN: "It looks red."

The trial is expected to last up to two weeks. If convicted, Thompson could face life in prison.

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