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July 4th food inflation has some shoppers looking for holiday deals

July 4th food inflation has some shoppers looking for holiday deals
July 4th food inflation has some shoppers looking for holiday deals 01:48

MIAMI - With July 4th parties and backyard barbecues this weekend many people are making those last-minute trips to the grocery store. One thing that's hard not to notice is the higher price of groceries.

"Now when we're throwing food away in the trash, I'm just seeing dollar signs go in the garbage cans," said Melissa Deno who was out shopping for her family of five on Friday.

She said every trip to the store feels like it's burning a hole in her wallet.

"Huge prices on everything, especially the meat, the dairy, produce, everything, even the boxed stuff like a box of cereal or a bag of chips," said Deno.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports food costs were up, on average, 10.8 percent for a year period that ended in April 2022. It was the largest 12 month increase since November 1980.

From April 2021 to April 2022, the price for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs increased 14.3 percent which is the largest increase since 19.5 percent in 1979.

Faced with getting less bang for their buck, some shoppers are finding new ways to save money - like switching to wholesale grocery stores.

"Rather than going into like a regular grocery store, I find that when I buy in bulk I save more," said Terrinique Pennerman.

"Stuff like chicken, bread, I can freeze it and just have it, instead of going and buying just one because it is getting expensive," he added.

Families are trying to make the most out of their groceries at home so they can cut down on those expensive trips to the store.

"We've gotten a lot stricter around the house about eating all the food on our plates instead of just throwing stuff in the trash," said Deno.

If you're looking for some bargain buys, stores like Publix, Whole FoodsWinn-Dixie, and Fresco y Más are offering discounts and deals to help you save over the holiday weekend. 

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