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Judge lectures woman caught on video in McArthur Causeway screwdriver attack

Causeway attacker posts bond
Causeway attacker posts bond 02:43

MIAMI - A 26-year-old woman came before a judge in bond court Tuesday after video went viral showing her lunging at a man with a screwdriver on the McArthur Causeway.

Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Mindy Glazer had a brief lecture for the defendant, 26-year-old Acklynn Biagumisha.

Glazer said to her, "In future, if you are ever involved in a car accident, it is probably best for you to call police and remain in your vehicle so you can avoid coming to court for these allegations."

Glazer noted, "Ma'am, you were arrested for two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and 2 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon."

In court, she was told, "The video is pretty wild if your honor wants to see it."

Glazer read the arrest affidavit and then took a look at the CBS4 News Miami story from our Monday broadcast.

Caught on video: Woman yielding screwdriver on Causeway 02:18

FHP says BIagumisha got into a confrontation with Freddy Diaz and his father after she said Diaz rear-ended her black BMW early Monday morning as her car was stopped, partially blocking the right lane on the eastbound McArthur Causeway. Diaz was in a white Toyota RAV 4 and FHP says his father showed up at the scene shortly after the accident.

In court, the judge was told, "Judge according to the arrest warrant, Mr. Diaz's father grabbed her and threatened her and that's how this incident escalated."

The FHP arrest affidavit also said that Biagumisha said the father also pulled her hair and she went to the father's vehicle and got a screwdriver and then sprayed them both with the contents of a Windex bottle.

At one point, as Diaz tries to shield his father, he falls to the ground beside the Causeway and Biagumisha is seen on top of them until an unidentified man showed up at the scene and pulled her away.

In court, Biagumisha listened quietly as the Judge made her comments. No family members for Biagumisha showed up at the hearing.

Judge Glazer found probable cause for the charges and set bond at $10,000 for all of the charges and told Biagumisha to stay away from the victims.

She said, "You are ordered to stay away from Freddy Diaz, the alleged victim and that is no contact directly or indirectly, in person or by writing or by telephone or by 3rd party and stay at least 500 feet away from the victim as his home, school or place of employment."

Glazer also reminded her to "Keep all future obligations."

A check of records showed that she had been cited before for 3 minor traffic infractions.

CBS News Miami's Chelsea Jones reported that her LinkedIn account shows that she has obtained a number of degrees in higher education, two of them from the University of Miami and her social media account shows that she is planning a music career.

Jones also spoke to a woman, who wished not to be identified, who met Byamugisha 12 hours prior to Monday's accident. She described Byamugisha as nice, so she was shocked to see her on the news. 

"It's just crazy how I met this girl, and she seemed pretty cool to me, pretty sweet to me," she said.

Jones also reached out to the man who was apparently with Byamugisha at the time of the accident. She is waiting to hear back. 

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