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Joe Philbin on Franks: 'He's Got Pop in His Leg'

Caleb Sturgis has some legitimate competition to be the Miami Dolphins' kicker in 2015 after an up-and-down season last year.

His name is Andrew Franks, a man with "some pop in his leg," according to his coach.

"Yeah, it looked like he kicked the ball well," Joe Philbin said. "I told those guys at bed check that I'd love to have their job. Yesterday, they didn't kick, you can't kick every day I guess in the NFL. Our rookies are eating buffets all day, nice hotel room, they work every other day. That's a heck of a gig. [joking]."

What has stood out about the undrafted rookie out of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute after two days of Training Camp?

"Yeah, he's got pop in his leg," Philbin said. "You guys see that. You come out here and you watch him and you go, 'Oh, geez, there's some pop there.' The ball comes off his foot. Again, not perfect every time, but there's something to work with there, for sure."

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