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Love Over Violence: Valentine's Wish From Parkland Shooting Victim Joaquin Oliver

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Monday isn't just Valentine's Day, it's also four years since the horrific Parkland school massacre that left 17 people dead, including student Joaquin Oliver.
Valentine's Day is always a tough day for the loved ones of those lost, but Joaquin Oliver's parents are sending a Valentine message from their son, "Less Guns and More Roses."
Joaquin was a big Guns and Roses fan.  His dad Manuel came up with the idea.
Joaquin Oliver
Joaquin Oliver (Courtesy: Manuel Oliver)
"I've been thinking about how do we put together a message from Joaquin, how do we put together a collection from Joaquin from Valentine's Day that implies love, but also shows the rebel side of Joaquin?" Oliver asked.
The message is clear, love over violence.
"We are in a moment that is exactly what we need as a society. We need less guns and more roses because roses imply love," Oliver said.
But don't think this is all Joaquin's dad has planned as we mark four years since that horrific massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, he's in Washington DC.
"Crime is rising every single day and there's more victims today than a year ago. I like to see results based on savings lives," he said.
Monday, Oliver plans to roll out a new campaign aimed at bringing awareness to gun violence and pressure the President to act.
"We're going to make it very public. Starting Monday, you will know exactly what's the real damage in terms of lives from gun violence, with the best most trusted resources you've seen on line," Oliver said.
Through his activism, Oliver says he's guided by his son.
"He uses me.  Through me, I can let Joaquin say things that I know he will be saying.  I'm a tool, I'm a tool to write or draw or expose Joaquin's statements because he can't and I like that," he said.
Oliver says above and beyond activism he plays a much larger role, a dad.
"I don't want to quit that job. That is the only job that I'm holding until my last day here. I am Joaquin's dad and I will honor my son as long as I can."
On Monday, Manuel Oliver not be observing a moment of silence or at a vigil.  He will join with March for our Lives and Guns Down America to roll out their new anti-violence campaign in Washington.
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