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Jags & Bucs Hit Offensive Woes

JACKSONVILLE (CBSMiami) – The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has combined to go 0-6 on the young NFL season and in the case of the Jaguars are barely competitive on the field. The offensive ineptitude is reaching levels not seen in a while in the National Football League.

According to numbers from, the Chicago Bears' defense, yes defense, has been able to score at a better pace than the Jaguars' offense. The Bears' defense scores on 1.6 percent of the plays they see, which is better than the Jags' scoring pace.

Things have gotten so bad in Jacksonville that the team has managed to score just 28 points through three games this season. For a comparison, the Miami Dolphins scored 27 points in Game 3 alone.

Jacksonville's offense is last in passing touchdowns, 29th in passing yards, 30th in rushing yards, and dead last in rushing yards per attempt. Overall, just 12.5 percent of Jacksonville's offensive drives end in a score, according to Jacksonville's offense also turns the ball over 12.5 percent of the time it starts a drive.

How far does Jacksonville's scoring offense have to go? The Denver Broncos score on 48.8 percent of their drives and turn the ball over on just 7.3 percent of its drives.

At the same time, the Jaguars' offense continues to struggle, the defense is giving up points in bunches. The Jaguars defense is 29th in the league in scoring defense and is dead last in rushing yards allowed and gives up a score on 38.5 percent of the opponent's possessions.

Tampa Bay is just marginally better than the Jaguars. The Bucs' offense is ranked 31st in points and 31st in yards gained. The Buccaneers score on just 14.7 percent of their drives, 31st in the league, and turn the ball over on 11.8 percent of their drives.

In other words, if you live in a Florida and are looking for a team to watch and like offense, better look for the Dolphins game!


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