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'It Was A Dream Honestly', Jennifer Lopez On Working The Female Cast & Crew Of "Hustlers"

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - "Hustlers" is a tale of New York City strippers who band together to swindle Wall Street men out of their money after falling on hard times in the 2008 recession.

The film was inspired by a New York Magazine article.

Jennifer Lopez plays the ring leader Ramona, a veteran stripper who all the ladies, and yes the men, admire.

CBS4'S Lisa Petrillo asked Lopez what altered in her usual workout routine to get ready for this film.

"I had to step it up. I had to watch what I ate at that time and I was on a definite program. I was pole dancing and doing the rehearsals for that as well, so there was a lot of physical stuff going on. I also knew I was going to be up there in dental floss, so I needed to be ready," she said with a laugh.

Lopez had to learn the difficult art of pole dancing for the film in just six weeks, something she said was her biggest struggle.

"It was so hard, it was truly the hardest thing I've ever done for a job. Honestly, I was just like 'wow' and I was so bruised. Every time I had to do the next rehearsal, hitting the bruises again and again, I was like 'Oh My God, this has to get easier'," she said.

In addition to Lopez, who does double duty as a producer, the film features some powerful women including Constance Wu, Cardi B, Lizzo, and Lili Reinhart. But it doesn't stop there.

"To be on a set with all women producers, woman director, woman editor, woman production designer, all women starring in it. It was a dream, honestly," she explained

"Is Miami home base for you now?" asked Petrillo.

"Yes, Miami is base for us. It has been for two years now. We love it here," she said.

"And your man, Alex (Rodriguez) doesn't stop Instagramming you, it's too cute," said Petrillo.

"I know he's the best. He's the best. I remember when we did the premiere and I was sitting next to him and he's watching the dance and I'm like thinking this is either going to be a really good night or a really bad night. But we had the best time and he loved the movie, so I hope you do too," she said.

"Hustlers" is in theaters now.


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