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Powering Up After A Storm

PLANTATION (CBS4) - Anyone who has gone through a hurricane remembers the endless days without power and long lines for gasoline and food.

Emergency managers have learned important lessons from past storms; make sure dozens of gas stations and grocery stores have emergency generators so they can be up and running once a storm passes and it's safe outside.

This Map shows where grocery stores and service stations with emergency generators are located. However, even though a store has an emergency generator it may not open after a storm.

Alphonse Dufreny remembers Hurricane Wilma well. He went a week without power. He believes the generators at local stores and gas stations will make a big difference.

"When they have it, I think it's a good thing for the community," Dufreny said. "It's very, very important."

The bottom line is whether it's shopping for necessities or knowing where grocery stores and gas stations with emergency generators are located is to be ready no matter what.

"You just have to be prepared," said Harriet Abo. "You live in Florida. You know that hurricanes are here. You just have to prepare yourself."

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