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iOS Update Tells Users When Employers Are Accessing Your Phone

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- They pay you, let you dress casual on Friday's and surround the workplace with inspirational quotes that have subliminally been the driving force behind your entire career.

But if your employer has provided you with a device within the last few years, or more specifically an iPhone or iPad, they can also track and manage it whenever they want to make sure you're working hard and not finding new ways to photocopy your body's best attributes -- that includes your internet history and GPS location, among others.

While Apple fights the government about the bigger privacy issues concerning your phone, they're now stepping in between boss and employee with their latest software to let you know when you're actually being monitored.

Starting with iOS 9.3, Apple will alert users when an employer is tracking the device. According to 9to5Mac, the About screen will say:

"This iPhone is supervised. [Company Name] can monitor your Internet traffic and locate this device."

The message is an attempt to continue offering transparency and privacy to iOS customers.

iOS 9.3 is expected to launch later this month, likely coinciding with the company's iPhone SE and iPad Pro event on March 21st.

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