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Investigators Release Video Of Alleged UF Campus Attacker

TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami) - Investigators released video clips and a drawing of the alleged suspect in the recent attacks near the University of Florida (UF) campus.

In the video, the man can be seen walking around a parking garage near the UF football stadium. The man picks up a cone and throws it into street, possibly hitting a passing car.

Police said the unidentified driver has not come forward but they are asking that person to call them.

Authorities also released a composite drawing of the person they believe attacked the women on campus.

The drawing was completed with information from people approached by the man on the night of the first attack on August 30th. Residents reported that the man was acting strange and was asking for directions. The man matched the description given by other victims and witnesses.

There have not been any attacks recently but detectives are urging everyone in the Gainesville area to be careful.

"Be sure to walk in groups, be prepared to call for help, and always know your surroundings," Gainesville Police said on their Facebook page.

Here is the video released by GPD and UFPD:

(NEWEST) Gainesville Surveillance Video showing likely suspect in recent UF attacks by Gainesville Police Department on YouTube



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