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Death investigation in Sweetwater after man's body found in white van

Death investigation in Sweetwater
Death investigation in Sweetwater 01:43

SWEETWATER - A death investigation is underway in Sweetwater after police say a man's body was discovered inside a white van on Tuesday afternoon by a garage near Keiser University.

Sweetwater Police Lt. Jonathan Arche told CBS4's Peter D'Oench that it was just after 2 p.m. when police were called to 2101 N.W. 117th Ave. to a parking lot that is also near an IKEA store and just east of the Florida Turnpike extension.

Arche said, "Sweetwater Police at 210 pm found a male who was unresponsive when they got there and Miami-Dade Police were contacted and they are the lead in the investigation."

It is not known how the man died.

Police were looking for witnesses and checking for surveillance tape and ring cam video.

The van was discovered by a series of businesses. One business manager said her company's ring cam did not record any useful video as it was pointed in another direction away from the van.

D'Oench also spoke with employees at nearby businesses.

Katherine Hernandez reflected on what many were saying.

She said "I just saw a lot of police and cars coming by and heard about the man in the van. I feel bad. It happened too close to us. I feel sad because he was alone inside the vehicle. He may have needed help but he didn't get it."

Anyone with information that can help MIami-Dade Police should call them.

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