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Hundreds Gather To 'Stop Hate' At Antisemitism Rally In Miami Beach

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Concern remains high about the rise in antisemitic incidents throughout the country this year.

On Thursday evening, community leaders, activists, and residents held a rally against antisemitism in Miami Beach.

The interfaith rally saw large crowds, as well, a large police presence.

There were families with children and some were holding signs urging folks to take a stand against hate.

After the recent violence in the Middle East, there has been an increase in antisemitic attacks in this county and that is why so many were gathered at the Holocaust Memorial.

A recent study found 75% of those polled believe there is more antisemitism now than there was five years ago and many say they feel less safe today than they did five years ago.

"Antisemitism is a disease that victimized Jews, but it is a virus that infects society. So, if we have any sense of eradicating antisemitism, we need to bring all segments of society together," said Jacob Solomon, president of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.

"When we saw an increase of nearly 80% in the incidents of antisemitism just in the last few weeks, we realized we really need to sound the alarm. This is not about Israel or Gaza. This is not about a foreign country, this is about hatred and tolerance, bigotry, prejudice right here in the United States," Solomon added.

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