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Interactive Art Experience 'Superblue Miami' Opens In Allapattah

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - They call it 'Superblue', a groundbreaking new art space and exhibit located in a 50 thousand square foot industrial space in Allapattah. The exhibit is dedicated to producing and presenting audiences with experiential art through large-scale artworks and interactive installations.

"It's not your traditional gallery. It is not passive, you're an active participant in all the works. We say the artist sets the stage for the creative environment, but it's not completed until you interact with them," said Shantelle Rodriguez, Director of Experiential Arts at Superblue.

Four artists are participating. The one you see upon entering is "Meadow" by Drift.

"These are upside-down landscapes that are in perpetual bloom," said Rodriguez, pointing to the moving flowers suspended from the ceiling.

An exhibit by Team Lab, which is a collective of more than 400 artists, computer programmers, and architects, is called "Proliferating Immense Life."

"If you stayed for one hour you will see a whole series of flowers grow and die and bloom again," Rodriguez said. "It's always different. What's interesting about Team Lab is it's not a video on loop, it's generating in real-time so it's always something different."

Wander to the next room, which is a selfie magnet, and it's two pieces in one. Guests touch the walls to affect changes.

"We have a 26-foot tall waterfall and then there's also the flowers that are in constant bloom and just like the pIece before, the flowers are constantly changing," said Rodriguez.

In another room guests find themselves winding through a mirror maze called "Forrest of Us," designed by artist Es Devlin, whose works you might've seen before.

"Es Devlin is a renowned stage designer. You might know her work from The Super Bowl halftime show. She did The Weekend's mirror room," Rodriguez explained. "This is a multiple story mirror maze that starts with a little bit of video and then ends with a technology component as well."

Superblue chose Miami as its first experiential art center, there are plans for others across the world.

"Miami has a rich cultural ecosystem, but it's not only that. They looked at Miami audiences as experience seekers, the first that want to be at the new restaurants, new performances, and is an entertainment kind of crowd, so Miami fit all of those," Rodriguez said.

Superblue is now a permanent space located at 1101 NW 23rd Street, across the street from The Rubell Museum.

For more information about the exhibits and ticket prices, go to

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