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Exclusive: Incognito's Team Reveals Texts With Jonathan Martin

DAVIE (CBSMiami) – A day after Jonathan Martin made his first public comments on his alleged harassment at the hands of teammates; former Dolphin Richie Incognito's attorney released some of the text messages Martin sent him that showed two players, possibly friends, talking right through Martin leaving the team.

Incognito's attorney, Mark Schamel, gave CBS4 News 40 pages of text messages exchanged between his client and former offensive line mate Jonathan Martin. Throughout almost all of the exchanges, which date back to December 2012, both men use foul language, insult each other, talk about picking up women, and other things.

Incognito and Martin were exchanging messages on December 17, 2012 and were going to go out together. At one point in the exchange, Martin told Incognito, "Ima egg your house & light a bag of s*** on fire then ring your doorbell."

Incognito responded, "I'm going to shoot you and claim self defense. I'm white ur black I'll walk."

Martin responded back, "I'm gonna give McDonald bath salts and lock him in your house with a tranquilizer gun & a box of sand paper condoms." Incognito replied to Martin, "Hahaha."

The very next day, both were text messaging each other again as if nothing happened.

A similar pattern emerged on the texts released by Incognito's attorney to CBS4. For the next several months, Incognito and Martin continued to exchange often times graphic text messages that contained "threats," talks about women, and a variety of other things.

In mid to late October, the two continued to exchange texts and talk about parties, women, and other things. On October 23rd, Incognito texted Martin, "F*** you!!!" to Martin and the former Stanford offensive tackle responded with a photo that read, "I will murder your whole f***ing family."

After Martin left the team near the end of October, Incognito repeatedly texted martin asking him to call him and if he was okay. Martin finally responded to Incognito on November 1, "Wassup man? The world's gone crazy lol I'm good tho congrats on the win."

Click here to read a portion of the transcript of the messages provided by Incognito's attorney

Incognito responded to Martin, "Thanks dude. It's unbelievable all the attention this is getting. All that's important is that you feel better and know we miss u dude." Martin replied, "Yeah I'm good man. It's insane bro but just know I don't blame you guys at all its just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little. Btw…never check yourself into a mental hospital."

Incognito replied, "I hear ya It's a lot to take in I've checked myself in before I had to threaten to beat everyone up for them to let me out. Not fun." Martin wrote back, "Yeah bro it was the worst. I almost snapped and started breaking s***."

The conversation on November 1 continued with Incognito writing back, "Hahahahah That's exactly what I was feeling. The brain is a tricky thing My brain has been to far out places and back." Martin replied, "yeah man. How you feeling? Heard you got hurt."

A little later in the day, Incognito texted Martin a picture of an article from titled, "Sources: NFLPA Eyes Martin Case." Incognito followed that up with, "What's up with this?"

Martin replied, "I got nothing to do with it man I haven't said anything to anyone."

Incognito replied, "I heard it's all coming Ur agent?" Martin didn't reply back to Incognito.

On November 2, Incognito wrote to Martin saying, "I need you buddy I'm getting killed in the media." The next day Incognito again pleaded with Martin, "Bro can we talk? The dolphins are talking about releasing me"

Martin didn't respond in the transcripts given to CBS4 by Incognito's attorney.

Around the same time, partial transcripts of texts between Incognito and Martin began to show up in the press. The Dolphins suspended Incognito with pay for what turned out to be the remainder of the season.

CBS4 reached out to the Miami Dolphins for comment on this story. They replied, "Consistent with our organizational position, we are reserving further comment on this matter while the report is pending."

For his part, Martin gave his first interview on the subject to NBC's Tony Dungy on Wednesday. During the interview, he said racial and aggressive talk made by multiple teammates played a role in him leaving the team.

"It was comments, specific comments of a racial nature, aggressive, sexual comments related to my sister and my mother," Martin told Dungy sparked his problems. "I spoke with my teammates, former teammates in other locker rooms, across the NFL and asked if this stuff goes on, is this normal rookie hazing and the consensus was this is not normal."

Martin was in his second year with the team when he chose to leave in the middle of the season. Dungy asked Martin if the problems could be blamed solely on Incognito? Martin said it was bigger than just his former teammate along the offensive line.

"It was more than one (who harassed him). I think it was the culture," Martin told NBC. "I don't think there's a place to disrespect people in a professional sport. Offensive linemen are like a brotherhood."

Martin said he never spoke of the situation with head coach Joe Philbin about the problems he was having with the team. Martin agreed with Dungy's question saying the text messages between him and Incognito were a sign of friendship.

Martin told Dungy that he didn't speak with anyone from the Dolphins' organization after he left the team. However, head coach Joe Philbin said he talked on the phone and visited Martin after he left the squad.

Just before he left the team, Martin's play had been deteriorating. The Dolphins had bet that he could move to the left tackle position he played in college and at least be good in the NFL. But he struggled to keep pressure off quarterback Ryan Tannehill and open holes in the running game.

The Dolphins had switched Martin back to right tackle before he walked away from the team.

The Dolphins were likely moving on from Martin, at least as a starter, during the upcoming offseason regardless of his charges of harassment. Incognito is a free agent and even though Martin is on the roster, owner Stephen Ross let it slip during a press conference that neither player is expected to return to the team.

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