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Homestead Woman Steps Up To Protect Children Of Undocumented Parents

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Children of undocumented parents in South Florida face an uncertain future, but one Homestead woman has made it her job to watch out for them.

Nora Sandigo's "children" are from so-called 'mixed status' families. The kids are citizens, born in the U.S., but their parents are undocumented immigrants, many facing the threat of deportation.

Sandigo decided to do something to protect the children, so she became their legal guardian. And how many are we talking about?

"One thousand and twenty-nine," she said.

Sandigo spends every day fielding calls from worried parents looking to sign over legal guardianship in case they are deported.

"Nobody knows where they (the children) go, nobody thinks if they have a roof, if they are eating," said Sandigo.

While she can't house all of them, she helps provide the basics and collects toys to give away to the children and their families.

While the Obama administration deported some parents, 100,000 U.S.-born children lost a parent every year. Sandigo is equally critical of the new President's aggressive policies.

"This is not a political issue. This is just a humanitarian issue," she said. "They are American citizens and they need help."

Sandigo, who has two daughters of her own, has taken in teens Valerie and Matthew Trevi, whose parents were deported to Colombia.

"It's really hard. I miss them so much, it's been a year," said Valerie as she teared up.

"That pain is exactly like it is happening everywhere, all over the country, with every one child that is alone right now," said Sandigo.

Sandigo is helping guide the Trevi's through their high school years and hopes they can eventually be reunited with their parents.

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