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Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy Shares His Experience Catching COVID As Stark Reminder To Wear Mask

HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) – The mayor of Hollywood has been battling COVID-19 since Saturday morning.

On a Facebook post, intending to warn people to be cautious, Mayor Josh Levy stated, "In an effort to hopefully help you and your families stay healthy and avoid putting yourselves at an elevated risk of catching COVID, I want you to know that I went to dinner with a friend last week and got COVID from it."

He added, "Sharing this with you just in the hope of reminding everyone (like I should have reminded myself last week) that sitting for a meal with someone who is not a member of your household (whether at home or at a restaurant) is really one of the only times these days that we are not wearing a mask for an extended period of time - and the risk of getting COVID in that situation is greatly elevated if the person you're eating with has the virus.  In my case, the person I was dining with had no symptoms. As an unknowing carrier, they passed the virus to two other people before they developed symptoms that prompted them to quarantine, get tested, and call everyone they'd come in contact with to alert them of their exposure."

Hi everyone, in an effort to hopefully help you and your families stay healthy and avoid putting yourselves at an...

Posted by Josh Levy, Mayor of Hollywood, FL on Wednesday, October 28, 2020

His moral of the story: wear a mask.

Jamie Hawkes, the co-owner of Bonny and Read's Toucan Hideout on Hollywood Beach. said people should be aware.

"Being that this is a vacation destination, I tell my employees listen you don't know where these people come from and you will go home to your family," said Hawkes. "I agree we should always have this on. If someone walks in here without a mask, I will not let you in. If you need a mask, I will provide you with a mask."

The manager of Mamacitas also said it does concern them. She said at moment, while people are not wearing their mask, the virus can be spread.

"We just always were a mask to protect ourselves and others," said Natasha, manager of Mamacitas.

Hollywood Beach was packed on a Thursday night. CBS4's Jessica Vallejo asked people what they thought of the mayor's advice.

"I think it is just always wise to use caution, especially in this day in age," said a Hollywood resident.

"If we have to eat outside, we have to know that there is a risk," added another.

Levy does have mild symptoms and remains in quarantine.


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