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Hollywood man charged with sexual abuse of children, animals

Hollywood man accused of disturbing crimes
Hollywood man accused of disturbing crimes 01:47

HOLLYWOOD - Residents were stunned and sickened on Sunday after learning about the crimes one of their neighbors is accused of committing.

"I want him put away, fast," said one neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous.

According to court records, 34-year-old Michael Eisner was arrested Thursday. He is facing several disturbing charges, including five charges related to sex abuse of children and one charge related to sex abuse of an animal.

"I knew him when he turned like maybe 10, 12, so I knew him for a while, I never knew that he would be one of those predators," said another neighbor.

According to court documents, Eisner is accused of trying to contact children online in a sexual manner.

What makes the charges even more shocking to the people in this neighborhood, is that Apollo Middle School is just feet away from where Eisner lives.

"The school is right there and always the children walk around here and coming to school and coming out of school so it's really sad to hear that," said Claudio Silinis, who lives in the neighborhood.

In addition to the five charges regarding children, Eisner is also charged with a first-degree misdemeanor charge of engaging, aiding and adverting sexual conduct contact with an animal.

Eisner is being held on a $70,000 bond at the Broward County main jail.

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