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'Hidden Worlds': An immersive voyage into deepest oceans & mesmerizing mangroves through state-of-the-art technology

‘Hidden Worlds’ exhibit premiering in Miami Beach reveals true beauty of nature
‘Hidden Worlds’ exhibit premiering in Miami Beach reveals true beauty of nature 02:51

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Guests can explore "Hidden Worlds" at Rudolf Budja Gallery on Miami Beach, an immersive voyage into deepest oceans and mesmerizing mangroves through state-of-the-art technology.

You'll see sea life like you've never seen before – giant rays, turtles, sharks and more.

Environmental activists Philippe Cousteau, grandson of legendary ocean conservationist and filmmaker Jacques Coutseau, and his wife Ashlan are the chief impact officers of this exhibit.

"My grandfather certainly was an extraordinary storyteller and that's why were here today. He was always pushing the boundaries of what storytelling could be," Philippe said.  "It's a whole new approach to 'impactainment', Using new technology and immersive experience and food to engage people and make them fall in love with the ocean."

Miami is the first of city Hidden Worlds is launching.

"We love Miami," said Ashlan Cousteau. "We wanted to think of a place that really was close to the ocean, where people cared about the ocean, but also that's facing some ecological disasters in its ocean. So, we thought Miami was a great place. It has great people and that's why we're here first."

The experience can be seen in two ways. Guests of all ages can take a 30-minute immersive voyage into the sea during the day starting at $32 per adult and $26 for kids.

At night, the room comes to life in an immersive 3 hour, 8-course dining extravaganza priced at $250 as the tables literally come to life.

"So, the whole dining experience is immersive. You're not just watching images on the wall that separates you from experience, you're really seeing it come alive literally on your dinner plate," said Philippe.

The menu is design by local executive chef Scott Linquist. Every dish is matched with a new environment.

"Our menu has been an incredible challenge for me as a chef because this presentation is all about ocean preservation, so I've been tasked to produce a menu that is using only fish and seafood that is ocean positive or invasive species which is very limited," said Linquist.

The goal is to bring this oceanic journey to galleries around the country with a mission to bring awareness to ocean conservation.

"So, this is a way to bring people under the water to bring them into the ocean and make them realize No. 1 how beautiful it is, No. 2 it's in trouble, but there's hope.  We know how to fix these huge problems that our oceans and our planet are facing," said Ashlan.

Hidden Worlds is on until June 19.

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