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Four People On Helicopter That Crashed At Miami Executive Airport

Miami (CBS Miami) – The FAA is investigating a helicopter crash at Miami Executive Airport in Southwest Miami-Dade.

According to the FAA, the Robinson R44 helicopter struck a fence with its rotor while landing shortly after 7pm on Tuesday night.

The helicopter then rolled onto its side. As a result, a couple of nearby vehicles were damaged.

Four people were aboard. Only one person sustained minor injuries.

Anthony Valle works at the hanger and had helped the pilot take off.

"Two of the passengers were tourists and had come to Miami and one of the friends said, 'Oh let me show you around Miami in a helicopter,'" he explained.

Thirty minutes after takeoff, the chopper was back.

Valle took video of the scene minutes after the crash to document the experience which he said was like nothing he's ever seen before.

"To see them take off and land and I see them like that. That's the next time I saw them, I'm freaked out."

Valle said he spoke with pilot before he landed by phone. The pilot had never been to the terminal in the past and inquired where he should land to pick up his passengers. Valle told him spot 1 or spot 2.

He didn't end up in either.

"Inches. It came inches from the fuel truck. Everyone, I mean everyone would have died," said Valle. "I heard the pilot say as the helicopter landed someone shifted around or something like that then the helicopter starts spinning around and losing control and is now it's there."

The impact was so great, pieces of the chopper were tossed around like toys. One large chunk landed in a field about 30 yards away. A section of the tail, tail fin and rotor were also nearby.

The horrifying helicopter ride was summed up in a few words.

"Oh my God you have no idea. Incredibly, incredibly lucky," said Valle.


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