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Haile Brockington Law Closer to Reality

When Haile Brockington, 2,  died after being left alone in a sweltering hot day care van last year in Delray Beach, there was an outcry that something should be done to make sure she did not die in vain.

The legislative effort to make sure that happens is moving forward rapidly in Tallahassee.


A bill sponsored by State Senator Maria Sachs would require all day care vans to install an alarm that forces the driver to walk through the van to turn off the alarm and make sure no children are left behind.

The bill passed the Senate Children, Families and Elder Affairs Committee on Monday with a 4-0 vote.

A spokesperson for Sachs said the bill will next go to the Senate Transportation Committee. A companion House bill has not been voted on.

Brockington died in August after being left in a daycare van for 7 hours in the hot summer sun. The daycare where Haile died, Katie's Kids, has since shutdown its' location in Delray Beach.

We'll keep you posted on the bill's progress.


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