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Guns Under Bed -- Should Parents Snoop?

Here are the facts:

17 year old Jose Torres is accused of shooting his 12-year-old friend Anthony Alejandre.  Alejandre was shot in the mouth and the bullet exited the neck severing the spinal cord.  Alejandre is on a ventilator, paralyzed and the prognosis is NOT good.

I have to say, I was stunned when I walked into the Sheriff's office today and saw a table filled with weapons --- 6 guns, including an assault rifle, numb-chucks (did I spell that right?) brass knuckles with blades, those razor type stars that your throw and a whole bunch of other weapons.  Investigators say all of these were found under Torres' bed and in his room!!!  I personally spoke to the parents the day after the shooting.  They said they knew their son messed around with bb guns, but not real ones.  I asked them again today and they would not talk. 

Here's my question -- Should parents snoop in their kids rooms?  If the parents honestly didn't know those weapons were in there -- I think that's just as frightning as actually finding all that stuff.  What did he plan on doing with all that?  Investigators said Torres himself said he had 'A FETISH" for guns.  Do you think the parents should have known? 

Let me know you thoughts!!

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