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Gunman In Jail After Spring Breakers Foil Robbery Attempt In Oakland Park

OAKLAND PARK (CBSMiami) - A gun caught on surveillance video reportedly trying to rob four Spring Breakers in Oakland Park, only to have the tables turned on him, is now in jail.

The Broward Sheriff's Office said Travis Jones, 31, was arrested 72 hours after the March 24th botched robbery attempt when he was caught driving with a suspended license. He is now being held with no bond on charges of robbery with a firearm.

The robbery attempt happened when the four men, brothers and cousins in their 20s, stopped to fill up at Mobil gas station on Oakland Park Boulevard after a night of partying on Miami Beach.

Three of the men were visiting from Indiana, the fourth lives here.

As they were pumping gas, a man with a covering over his face and handgun, got out of the passenger side of a black Hyundai Sonata at the pumps and ran up to them. He then pointed the gun at them and said, "Give me everything you got."

"It didn't seem real, it seemed like it was out of a movie," said Alec Tanoos. "He just walked up and had the gun on me."

Alec's 27-year-old brother Jacob, the tallest and oldest of the group, said he didn't stop to think and just grabbed the gun that was pointed at his little brother.

"I tried to move it, like tried to move it kinda up just away from my head, his head, anybody really, just in case he does pull the trigger," he said. "I was just waiting to hear a gunshot go off."

Another in the group, Alex Wisbey, then grabbed Jones from behind and he and Jacob wrestled him to the ground. Jacob then began to repeatedly punch him as the others joined in.

At this time the driver, identified as Kevin Campbell, got out the car and tried to pull the men off Jones.



"We're trying to wrestle around for the gun, I get in, I finally get my hand on the gun and I jerk it away, at this time the guy had come up," said Alex's brother Arick Wisbey.

Arick then pointed the gun at the two attackers.

"Once I raise the gun they both took off back to their car and we were just screaming," said Aric. "He did raise his hands and he was telling me like calm down, give me the gun, and we'll just leave."

Both Jones and Campbell got in their car and drove off.

The brothers were able to provide the tag of the car to Broward sheriff's deputies.

Ft. Lauderdale police went to where Campbell lives. While in the area, officers spotted him leaning against the black Hyundai. When they approached, he took off. A police K-9 found him hiding in some bushes. Campbell was arrested and faces several charges including robbery with a firearm.

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