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Guide To The Best St. Patrick's Day Celebrations In The World

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day is all about pride and heritage. Many enjoy putting on their finest green outfits and heading out to local parades and celebrations. In addition to the celebrations, many Irish and non-Irish people around the world sip on their green beer as they enjoy a home-cooked meal featuring corned beef and cabbage. Those looking for something exciting to do this St. Patrick's Day are sure to find a celebration nearby or will have fun planning a getaway to some of the top places to visit during this Irish-themed holiday.
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There is no better place in the world to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than Ireland. The Irish really know how to party and celebrate this historic holiday. Every year, Dublin hosts a variety of activities including the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. During this multi-day festival, residents and visitors are treated to live music, street performers, children's workshops, lots of food and many pints of Guinness. There is also a food and crafts market open during the festival. Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Ireland is unlike any other celebration around the world.

The St. Patrick's Day celebrations in Ireland are designed for everyone. This includes adults looking to drink their way through the holiday and families wanting to celebrate their heritage together. Some family-friendly events planned during this festival include treasure hunts, theatre performances and storytelling for children. Historic walking tours of the city are also available during the St. Patrick's Day celebration.

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The Windy City hosts one of the largest St. Patrick's Day celebrations in the country. Just about everyone has heard about the dyeing of the Chicago River to a brilliant shade of green. It's an amazing sight to see and anyone who is able to make their way to Chicago will want to be there for this iconic annual event.

You are also sure to have a blast participating in the many festivities the city of Chicago will be hosting. During the celebration, local pubs will be hosting events and offering drinking specials while jovial crowds fill the streets decked out in their favorite Leprechaun-inspired outfits. Some of the festivities planned for this year's St. Patrick's Day celebration in Chicago include: river dyeing, parades, pub tours, celebration at the Irish American Heritage Center and the Forever Green Celebration with the Young Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago. There is definitely no shortage of things to do this St. Patrick's Day in the Windy City.

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New York

Since 1762, residents of New York City have gathered to celebrate and host parades. In fact, the city has identified itself as hosting the oldest, biggest and best St. Patrick's Day parade in the world. Discover why more than two million spectators make their way to New York City for this Irish celebration. Cultural walking tours of the city are also available which will offer insight to the Irish heritage that is a part of the city's past.

The annual parade features hundreds of thousands of performers, including marching bands, colorful costumes and entertainers. Since the parade started in 1762, it has become one of the most popular parades the city hosts. Going back to the true roots of the origin of the parade, there are still no automobiles, floats or commercial aspects allowed to participate. This is definitely one of the most authentic and entertaining parades held across the country.

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Since the early 1800s, when the British invaded Argentina, there has been a huge Irish influence in the country. In fact, the Irish community in Argentina is one of the largest communities outside of Ireland. Every year, the city of Buenos Aires shuts down ten city blocks for a massive St. Patty's Day Irish street party. This party includes everything green-themed, such as dancing, drinking, shopping and food.

The celebration in Buenos Aires helps more than 500,000 Irish in Argentina celebrate their heritage. The parade features Irish rock bands, entertainers, dancers and an after-party like no other in the world. This is definitely the place to go when looking for a party this St. Patrick's Day, where the celebrations are held all day long.

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Running consecutively since 1824, nothing has every canceled the three-hour parade hosted in Montreal. This parade features everything from brightly colored floats to marching bands and costumed characters to dance squads. When the parade ends, the party goes into high gear as many downtown pubs host celebrations both indoors and out.

Those wanting to be a part of the green excitement should head out to downtown Montreal, where they can see all of the parade pass by, featuring colorful floats, marching bands, local Irish organizations and entertainers.

These are just a few of the top places around the world to visit over the St. Patrick's Day holiday. Other popular destinations include Boston, Savannah, Montserrat (West Indies), Auckland (New Zealand), Cabo Roig (Spain) and Birmingham (England). There are many different parties and celebrations planned around the world, making it possible to celebrate Irish culture and heritage even if you are not of Irish descent.

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