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'Chased Him Right To His Damn Grave': Grandmother Outraged At Boynton Beach PD After 13-Year-Old Killed Riding Dirt Bike

BOYNTON BEACH (CBSMiami) – A family is grieving the loss of a 13-year-old boy they said was killed after being chased by police for riding his dirt bike.

Police claim Stanley Davis Jr. was riding his dirt bike recklessly, which is what prompted an officer to try and make a traffic stop.

The department didn't elaborate beyond saying the dirt bike went down during the attempted stop, killing the teen boy.

Davis' grandmother places the blame squarely on the shoulders of Boynton Beach PD.

"They chased him, chased him. He just panicked because he's a kid. Chased him right to his damn grave, and figured he's just another Black boy, ain't nothing is going to be done," said Tina Hunter. "That's the prejudice of the Boynton Beach police that wave been having problems for all these damn years."

Boynton Beach Police Chief Michael Gregory gave his condolences to the family, but said he couldn't answer any questions about how the crash happened because the Florida Highway Patrol case is currently open.

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