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Gov. DeSantis calls for legislature to protect Floridians from media

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MIAMI - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a roundtable discussion Tuesday in Hialeah Gardens where he called for legislators to take action during the upcoming Legislative Session to protect Floridians from "the life-altering ramifications that defamation from the media can cause for a person who does not have the means or the platform to defend himself."  

"We've seen over the last generation legacy media outlets increasingly divorce themselves from the truth and instead try to elevate preferred narratives and partisan activism over reporting the facts," said DeSantis. 

"When the media attacks me, I have a platform to fight back. When they attack everyday citizens, these individuals don't have the adequate recourses to fight back. In Florida, we want to stand up for the little guy against these massive media conglomerates."

The panel was made of attorneys who litigate libel cases, libertarian journalists Michael Moynihan and Nicholas Sandmann, and a conservative activist.

The office of the governor said the roundtable's purpose was to discuss "the damaging impacts of defamation from the legacy media as it becomes a more prevalent issue in the lives of everyday citizens."

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