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GOP adds to voter registration edge in Florida

TALLAHASSEE - More than 14.31 million Floridians are eligible to cast ballots in the Aug. 23 primary elections, with Republicans holding a registration edge over Democrats of nearly 229,000 voters, according to newly posted data on the state Division of Elections website. 

The data, included in what is known as a "book-closing" report, shows that Florida has 5,191,018 registered Republicans eligible to vote in the primaries, while Democrats totaled 4,962,064. 

Another 3,905,562 voters are not affiliated with a party, while the rest of the state's voters are registered with third parties. 

The new data also show Republicans continuing to extend their registration edge after overtaking Democrats last year. 

As an example, Republicans had a registration lead of 202,321 voters as of June 30, with the advantage jumping to 228,954 by the July 25 book-closing deadline, according to information posted on the Division of Elections website.

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