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Go High Tech To Fight Speeding Tickets

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Nothing can put a kink in a driver's day more than getting a traffic ticket.

From a speeding ticket to red light running or even a parking violation, we've all probably gotten one or two from time to time and then went through the hassle of paying them or the even bigger hassle of fighting them.

This year in the USA, over 34 million people will get speeding tickets, according to South Florida defense attorney Stephen Lustig.

Now there's a new way to fight them using a smart phone.

Recently Lustig's firm launched a comprehensive free iOS app, called Ticket Titan, which allows drivers to hire a local attorney to fight the ticket or pay it without having to stand in line at the courthouse.

This year in the USA, over 34 million people will get speeding tickets, according to Lustig.  The Ticket Titan app is the first app to 'automate' legal services without ever having to speak to anyone.

With the app, drivers can contest or pay traffic or red-light camera tickets.  If it's a parking ticket, they can use it to pay for the ticket but not contest it.

If the driver decides to contest the ticket, all they have to do is click the "fight ticket" button and follow the directions.

The first step is to take a picture of the ticket. The app will then let the driver know what they are charged with and what penalties they are facing including points on their insurance.

The driver then can then decide just to pay it (credit card, PayPal or photo of personal check) or fight it. If they decide to fight it, all they have to do is enter their credit card number and they've hired legal representation. It's just that easy.

The firm has successfully handled thousands of cases and uses a number of tactics to achieve the best results for their clients.  The service charge for paying a parking ticket through the Ticket Titan app is $1.25 and for a traffic ticket it's $5.

Another mobile app is offered by the Ticket Clinic.

Available for Android phones, the Ticket Clinic Mobile App also allows drivers to submit traffic citations, photos and details.

After filling out a few fields of information about the ticket, the driver then takes of a picture of it along with their license.

They then submit it to The Ticket Clinic which then emails back the paperwork they need to begin fighting it in court. Court costs may apply in cases where adjudication is withheld.

Since 1987, attorneys for the Ticket Clinic defended over 1,000,000 traffic tickets, according to the group's website.

The Ticket Clinic has 22 locations across Central and South Florida. Drivers who use the mobile app receive $5 off the first time they use it.

Another app which lets you get a traffic ticket attorney with just a few clicks is the Ticket Void app.

Ticket Void is a free app; no fees, no monthly dues, no hidden charges. Once information is submitted, it matches drivers to a local traffic ticket attorney or DUI lawyer for a consultation.

Most of the Ticket Void attorneys provide a "Free consultation" and if the ticket attorney or DUI/DWI lawyer agrees to challenge the ticket, drivers will pay them directly to handle their case.

The benefit of using Ticket Void is that they find and submit the DUI or traffic ticket information to qualified DUI lawyers or traffic ticket attorneys who are interested in helping, according to the app's creators.  The information is securely sent to a local attorney and their information is sent to the driver. This simplification takes the confusion out of finding credible attorneys to help with the legal matters.

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