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Girl Dropped From Ride To Talk About Recovery

PARKLAND (CBS4) - Teagan Marti, the 12-year-old South Florida girl who was severely hurt in a 100 foot drop while on a ride at a Wisconsin amusement park, is expected to talk to the media for the first time on Monday.

The Marti family attorney, Stuart Grossman, says he'll be joined by Teagan and her mother at a news conference at 10:00 a.m. Monday at their home in Parkland. They're expected to discuss Teagan's recovery.

On July 30, Teagan was critically hurt when she fell more than 10 stories into the ground on the Terminal Velocity ride at Extreme World in Wisconsin Dells. She injured her neck, back, skull and several organs. After spending months in the hospital, Teagan was sent home to complete her recovery.

The family has already agreed to a financial settlement with Extreme World. Grossman recently said the family was still considering a lawsuit against the German manufacturer of the ride.

The attraction, known as a suspended catch air device, lifts riders to the top of four raised towers. At the top, a ride operator unhooks the rider's harness for a 10-story, back-first, free fall, which ends with the rider landing in a net suspended 40 feet above the ground. From there the rider is slowly lowered to the ground and then they simply walk off the net.

On July 30th, however, when Marti stepped up for her turn, she fell to the ground because the ride operator did not check to make sure the safety net was in place. It wasn't and Marti fell to the ground without any measure to cushion her impact.

The ride operator, Chuck Carnell, has been charged with felony reckless injury


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