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Getting bombarded by political messages? Here's how to tell which ones are real

Are political text messages bombarding your phone?
Are political text messages bombarding your phone? 03:12

FORT LAUDERDALE - With a week to go until the election, South Florida voters are getting bombarded with phone text messages asking for donations. 

"I've never seen it before this year," said early voter Jerry Kelly.  

Kelly says he doesn't respond to those solicitations. "I don't know where they are coming from they could be from anywhere," he said. 

CBS Miami was sent a solicitation that looked like it came from US Senate candidate Democrat Val Demings. 

Her name was misspelled, missing an 's' at the end while asking the recipient to chip in $25. 

A campaign worker tells CBSMiami it is likely legitimate but there are strategies to make sure you aren't a victim of fraud. 

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, who oversees consumer issues, tells CBSMiami that real solicitations should connect you to the nonprofit ACTBLUE or the candidate's website. 

To stop a solicitation forward it to 7726.

Lifelong democrats Mitchell Berger and Sharon Kegerreis say they are flooded with text messages asking for donations. 

"It's a necessary part of Democracy," says Berger. 

"Candidates are requesting money to keep up with secret money packs," added Kegerreis. 

Mitchell Berger, who knows a thing or two about fundraising, worked for Al Gore when he ran for president two decades ago. 

He says texting for donations is a vital part of the election process.

"We are asked to vote and serve. It's part of citizenship," he says. 

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